Investment Advisory

This includes,  Project Analysis, Revenue forecasting, return on investment , transaction  valuation, Due Diligence(DD)/credit rating, Deal structuring- equity or debt or mezzanine, Term Sheet negotiations and evaluation, Legal issues; legal contracts and regulations compliance; forex advisory services, transaction placement and servicing, as well as risk management and work-out management.

Project Monitoring and evaluation

Through  comprehensive set of investment management tools we identify, measure, manage and monitor in an appropriate manner the risk inherent to investments on a monthly basis to build a balanced portfolio compliant with the overall risk profile of the respective investment

SME coaching

We do our best to offer the best advice to SME’s on a continuous basis to ensure that the road map to profitability is adhered to. This serves both the interests of investors and SME’s.

Impact assessment and reporting

Zidi uses its own impact measurement methodology to capture  impact outcomes