Investments Monitoring

We offer a comprehensive set of investment management tools to investors allowing full and transparent oversight on their portfolios and processes; the risk management process is integrated into the entire investment process and has been key for achieving low default rates. The implementation of proven systems allows us to identify, measure, manage and monitor in an appropriate manner the risk inherent to investments, and to build a balanced portfolio compliant with the overall risk profile of the respective

SME Financing

We offer financing to emerging markets companies with legal forms: sole proprietorship, partnership or limited companies who order via Zidi Circle.

We know business owners can’t wait weeks or months to find out if their business was approved for a loan. Our Zidi Circle solution goes beyond the traditional credit scoring techniques, as we believe no single matrix can define your credit worthiness and the success of your business. We look at your financials, credit history, business history and industry profile, management, your covenants with suppliers and the potential of your business.