Zidi B.V is an investment advisory firm focusing on investors who are interested not only in  return but also in scaling up small and medium enterprises (SME) business in emerging and  under-served markets. Through fully automated financial analytics we match SME’s to potential investors/lenders then  travel together throughout the investment life cycle.

Through our Zidi Circle Platform, we pool together like minded investors and entrepreneurs, monitor both investments and businesses, provide business coaching then capture the impact of these investments.

Our partners do agree that the time to create impact is now, and that we do not have to wait to have a lot of money to invest. So together we lend and borrow!

Our aim is to  create the best web shop experience for both investors and entrepreneurs. We  are on course to becoming the largest lending market place for investors and entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

We are committed to helping your business access financing that will scale up your  growth  and profitability.